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Myths & Facts

"You must use sun block only when going to the beach"

"Moisturizers should be used only when you go out in the sun".

"Most cosmetic products can erase age right off."

These are some of the usual myths that surround a cosmetic product, caused whether because of social belief or as a consequence on aggressive marketing campaigns.

Anyway, these beliefs are helping the market of cosmetic products to grow to the impressive mark of eight million dollars, and numbers are steadily growing.

Most myths are related to some of the most popular cosmetic products like moisturizers, anti-wrinkle creams and sun blockers.


People usually believe that moisture loss happens only when they go out in the sun, but it also happens when they spend time in any air conditioned environment such as offices, bedrooms or classrooms.

As a result, people tend to forget that moisturizers should be used wherever you go, with or without makeup, and for at least four weeks before making a decision on whether it makes any difference or not.

However, you should avoid switching from one type to another too often since this can cause skin irritation.

Anti wrinkle creams

Today, the demand of these products has become very high since they promise magical results.

Despite the fact that some of these creams really give good results, it is a fact that these are obtained after following a regular program for over 5-6 weeks.

However, many women get disappointed since they do not have the patience to wait so long.

Usually the creams containing Vitamin E, vitamin C and Retinol are the most effective against skin damage caused by the sun.

Sun Blocks

“If you go to the beach, don’t forget to take your sun block with you”.

We should change this phrase to: "If you go out in the sun, do not forget to take your sun block with you".

As we all know, global warming is becoming acuter every day, hence the damage caused by UV rays increases.

As a recommendation, buy a solar block with SPF 15 as minimum (this provides 96% blocking of the solar rays) or, if you prefer, you can be totally protected with an SPF 45.

If natural youthfulness sounds like nonsense to you, nowadays you can rely on science and advanced technologies to keep your skins fresh and clean.

And maybe, with a lot of patience, you will finally get the skin tone and tenderness of your twenties.

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