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Far away are those days when older people where respected and admired, and when nobody would even dare to make fun of them because of their winkles or lines in their faces.

Nowadays, an old person that looks like what he or she should is simply weak, and possibly unattractive.

Now, getting older is scary.

Almost everybody fights time with different methods, using antiaging creams or other “magic” lotions that guarantee them to erase the signs of passing time.

Results are never immediateThere isn’t a magic cream that can immediately erase your wrinkles, so forget about it.

If you want to look younger and really take care of your skin, you will have to be prepared to be patient enough to follow a skin care program. Ideally, you should follow strict skin care regimes right from your twenties.

Obviously, at that age most youngster are thinking about anything but skin care, so it is usually on their thirties when people are willing to start a regimen.

This would include a number of antiaging cream products for periodic exfoliation, moisturizing and nutrient replenishments added as per the prescribed norms. 

Be prepared to change your lifestyle habitsBuying an expensive antiaging cream is only the first step to solve your skin problems.

If you really want results, you should be prepared to change some of your lifestyle habits, including diet, sleep, smoking, sun exposure, air pollution, alcohol consumption and so on.

Any excess on these factors will irremediably manifest in aging of the skin.

You will certainly need a lot of determination to adjust your lifestyle habits so you can have the results you expect in less time.

The wide variety of antiaging cream products are categorized in many different ways.

You can categorize them by sex (for men or women), by age group (20 to 30, 30 to 40, 40 to 50), or by the part they focus on (body skin or face skin).

The majority of these products are directed to women from 30 to 50 years old, who are conscious enough and have the necessary resources to invest on their looks.

The most common antiaging cream products consist of collagen, AHA (exfoliating agents) and sun control ingredients.

And what about men?

Men are also slowly getting into the market, following movie or sport icons like David Beckam.

The cosmetic industry is now commercializing a number of antiaging creams specifically targeted to them.

However, antiaging creams continue to be most popular for women.