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An International Antiaging System

"Live long", "Health is a treasure" and "Don’t worry, be happy", are very popular slogans all over the world.

All of them referring to the benefits of living a health and happy life.

Aging is a main worry on most countries, especially when it comes without an efficient health system that can help everyone live a decorous retirement.

There are many factors, different in every country, which affects aging in a bad way.

These factors include non-existence oh health care plans, pollution, diseases and other negative agents flying free within our world.

That being said, the idea of an International antiaging system comes in.How would it help?

An international antiaging system would help people be more aware about the negative effects that involves aging, and would teach them how to work together in order to decrease factors that affect aging like pollution of the environment.

People together could help pass laws to reduce toxins in our air that harm our bodies and escalate the aging process.

People together could also form massive movements to fight against huge companies that care more about the money than about the environment that surrounds them.

The key factor would be that people could work together to find ways to reduce or even eliminate toxins in our air.

Organizations would be a must, but it’s better to try than to sit and wait until someone else decides to do this.

We must remember that there are lots of organizations all over the world fighting for many other different reasons, like saving the children in Africa, protecting animals, fighting AIDS and cancer, and so on.

An international antiaging system could form another organization of this type.

The main goals would be:

  • To inform people from all over the world about the different factors that affect aging
  • To generate consciousness among people in order to organize massive movements that could help pass laws that improve our lifestyle.

Nowadays, the lack of a strong plan causes small organizations to quickly disappear.

At this point in time, without a strong plan within our world to encourage some kind of International antiaging system, the best we can do is continue to educate ourselves and nurture ourselves to the best of our abilities.

For many of us, the creation of an international antiaging system may sound just like a dream.

But if every person decided to do something to collaborate, small things like being aware about environment, joining small groups that are fighting for a fair cause concerning health, or maybe just improving our lifestyles

Then we would be helping to create consciousness in people about the importance of aging healthy.