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Key Factors for a Good Antiaging Therapy

Taking care of our looks has become one of the most important factors in life, especially for women.

Aging is a subject that bothers most women; they don’t like to have wrinkles, face lines, and all other symptoms of aging.

But what they probably hate most is that aging makes them look unattractive.

In order to fight against the negative effects of aging, they are willing to do and try anything they find (including antiaging nutritional supplements and therapies), forgetting sometimes that there are simple factors in every day life that can easily help them improve their looks, no matter how old they are.

Fast-Forward Aging

Stress is the main difference between past generations and our generation.

People nowadays have stressful lives.

We are used to work almost all day long and don’t make some time to spend on ourselves.

Anyway, there are factors in our lives that can accelerate the aging process, an learning how to recognize these factors is the key to take a few years out of our bodies.

How You Eat Makes a Difference

Start with a good and balanced diet.

You will certainly not find enough iron, vitamins and minerals eating fast food almost daily.

Changing your eating habits is a very important factor to avoid premature wrinkling of the skin.

Diet which is rich in iron, vitamins, and minerals usually comes from vegetables, so give them an important place in your menu.

Vegetarians and those who have less spice in their daily food tend to have clearer skin and less wrinkles.


Quit smoking immediately

Everybody should be aware of the bad effects of smoking.

Nails start getting a yellow color, your lungs suffer the effects of the smoke, you get bad breath and your clothes are impregnate with smoke odor.

Moreover, people than smoke frequently tends to get an older look faster. The skin of a smoker after ten year takes a yellowish, parchment-like look.

And remember, smoking affects not only you but also people that surround you.


Drink water, a lot. Skin moisture is one of the most important factors of skin health.

The depletion of water in the skin promotes aging since the skin cells die faster and regeneration is slower.

The elasticity of skin also becomes very low. This is why the skin of a dehydrated person looks like a deflated balloon.

The lack of water in skin is one of the main factors working against antiaging therapy.


Avoid consuming alcohol.

Alcohol consumption aggravates dehydration.

As a result, it causes depletion in the hydration of the skin, which hinders dry skin.

The cutis, the two outer layers of skin, is the first part of the body affected by over consumption of alcohol.